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购物车中共 7 件商品 | 商品小计 ¥440.40

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  • Customer service hours: Mon - Sun: 10am - 11pm
  • Contact Info: Click here to start a chat. Email: [email protected] Phone: (516)-500-8080
About Us
FreshGoGo is the first ever online grocery shopping platform for Asian grocery in North America supported by advanced technical platform. FreshGoGo provides customers with fresh and high-quality of produce, meats, seafood, pre-cooked meals, gourmet foods or meals at competitive prices.
FreshGoGo customers can not only choose products and process an order through multiple devices (smart phone, tablet and PC), but also track the order/delivery status in real time from the point of order creation to the delivery, such as exact time when the order is loaded to the truck and when the order arrives.
FreshGoGo offers nearby pickup locations that guarantees a reliable and on-time grocery delivery. The customers will be notified in real time from the creation to delivery of an order such as exact time when the order is loaded to the truck, exact location.