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FreshGoGo is the one-stop-shop for thousands of fresh grocery and gourmet Asian dishes. FreshGoGo delivers to 20+ states in Central and Eastern US, and continues to expand.

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About Us

FreshGoGo is the first online Asian grocery and gourmet food one-stop-shop in North America and the largest in Eastern United States. Covers all US mainland states, providing more than 3,000 commodities and over 120 food purveyors for customers with Asian affinities.

From Farm to Table

Directly sourced from top wholesalers and sources of origin to preserve freshness and reduce costs, which brings more benefits to our customers.

Full Selection of Asian Products

FreshGoGo covers all categories of Asian products including fruit, vegetable, meat, seafood, frozen food, pantry essential, snacks, beverages, health, household, and beauty. FreshGoGo’s own brand, GoGoCheF, offers Chinese deli items and meal kits that you can prepare and enjoy in minutes.

Best Local Chinese Food

FreshGoGo offers more than 120 top local food makers from New York, Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C., Atlanta, etc. and continues to explore more top-rated authentic cuisines.

Efficient Logistics System

FreshGoGo has over 200 pick-up locations and provides home delivery service. Customers can place orders using a smart phone, tablet, or computer and receive delivery updates in real time.

Temperature-Controlled Delivery

From refrigerated truck to refrigeration storage, FreshGoGo has established an integrated cold-chain system to guarantee food freshness and safety. Our efficient logistics and distribution system makes next-day delivery possible in most service areas.